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18 May

ADVERTISING FEATURE: Capitalise on opportunity

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EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: Hicksons Newcastle lawyer Kylie Wai is one of two Registered Migration Agents at the firm who can can assist businesses and individuals with migration services.ADVERTISING FEATURE’s skilled visa migration program should, and often does, play a crucial role in assisting n businesses to fill identified skills shortages and improve their business productivity.
SuZhou Night Recruitment

With many local Hunter Valley businesses either already operating in or seeking exposure to foreign markets, considering engaging overseas workers can offer new international opportunities.

As a city of innovation and a National Geographic Smart City,Newcastle is ideally placed to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the digital revolution.

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Hicksons NewcastleBut applying for and obtaining n visas is a complex process and potentially expensive if not navigated successfully.

“Poor quality applications can lead to refusal, even when the applicant may be of high quality and essential to the future of an n business,”immigration lawyer andPartner in Charge at Hicksons Newcastle, Najeh Marhabasaid.

“And with non-refundable visa application fees currently running at up to $3755, a refusal can be costly.

“Lodging a quality application which addresses all of the Department’s requirements is vital to not only secure a visa grant, but also to minimise the time and money lost on unsuccessful, poor quality applications.”

The NSW Business Chamber has found that 25 per cent of Hunter businesses are currently experiencing difficulties accessing suitably qualified staff.

“For the one in four Hunter businesses suffering from skills shortages, recruitment and retention issues, a diversified proactive approach to resolving these issues provides a way to ensure the organisational capacity to maximise opportunities whilst protecting and improving productivity,” Mr Marhaba said.

Hicksons are committed to creating sustainable value for their clients. With a focus on innovation, Hicksons delivers legal and consultancy services and solutions to assist government, organisations and individuals domestically and throughout Asia.

In operation for over 65 years, and established in Newcastle since 2006, HIcksons also offers a migration assistance service for people wanting to travel to to visit, migrate, work or study, as well as their sponsors.

Hicksons Newcastle has two lawyers who are Registered Migration Agents – Mr Marhaba and Kylie Wai. Najeh speaks both English and Arabic, and Kylie English and Cantonese.

“Our breadth of expertise is reflected in our diverse practice groupsand complemented by our industry andsector focus,” Mr Marhaba said. “We work across geographies with smart technology to keep connected to our clients and we pride ourselves on our energy and authenticity to drive client solutions, attract and develop talent and serve our broader community.“

Newcastle also has a long history of welcoming International students. There areover 7000 students from around the world currently enrolled at Newcastle University, and some seek to stay longer after study.

“There are a number of options for students and their families to remain in after completing their qualification, but with the Department cancelling almost 100,000 student visas since 2010, it’s important that international students are aware of and abide by their visa conditions,” MrMarhaba said.“Our Agents also have a focus on supporting international students, including identifying potential residency pathways after course completion.”

For more information, ring(02) 4907 5600or visitwww.hicksons苏州夜总会招聘.au.

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