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17 Dec

East End Cafe delivers above and beyond in food and coffee

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Everything adds up to much more than coffee at the East End At your service: East End waitress Hayley Mahaliah with a cappuccino. Pictures: Jonathan Carroll

Yummy: Jacinta Battishill with a plate of gnocchi, hand rolled, duck breast, spinach, beetroot, goats cheese, pine nuts.

On the menu: hand rolled potato gnocchi with king prawns.

At East End Cafe: soft taco with spicy chicken.

Rich blend: An East End latte. The cafe features a Sumatran and Brazilian blend from Silverskin Roasters.

TweetFacebookThe place had been open for less than a minute but the manager and barista were all over it.

Even the chef arrives looking preoccupied and exhausted, as owners of successful cafes mostly do. His name is Anthony Kocon and his food is excellent. Inventive, thoughtfully sourced and immaculately prepared. The food here is its own detailed story, one that deserves and is best left to be told at a much greater length.

Suffice to say it is a menu that fittingly accompanies the souce and the quality of the coffee, a blend prepared locally by Silverskin Roasters.

Like the East End Hub itself, Silverskin has been recognised at awards nights for producing excellence at the café tables of Newcastle. In 2013, the blend on offer at East End Hub won a Bronze medal at the n International Coffee Awards. They have wisely kept the recipe, as much as is seasonally possible, exactly the same in 2018. The blend was called The Boss back then. It has certainly earned that title by now.

Expect this blend to deliver a flavour that has a lot going on.

A piccolo ($3.70) has a bright fruitiness that can partly be attributed to its generous Sumatran content. Whilst the Brazilian portion of the blend, sourced from the Fazenda Chapadao de Ferro estate, brings the lingering chocolate notes, the Sumatran Sipangan Bolon beans add a distinctively herbal spiciness.

Finding a house blend in Newcastle that is almost as Sumatran as it is Brazilian is an unusual experience in the best possible way. It is not a coffee that bursts out from the cup and then overpowers you with its uniqueness but the depth and complexity is there with award-winning style.

Quickly missed and easily taken for granted. Like the most valuable things often are.

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