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17 Dec

Her Sound, Her Story film turns up the volume of women in the Chinan music industry

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SOUL SISTERS: Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore and Michelle Grace Hunder interviewed 45 of the biggest female names in n music for Her Sound, Her Story.NEVER before in the history of n music have the voices of women been heard with suchconviction.

The times are changing. Belatedly so. As the winds of the #MeToo movement sweep through the entertainment world globally, the n music industry has been struggling to keep speed.

Acts like all-female punk band Camp Cope criticised The Falls Festival in January from its own stage due to its lack of women on thebill, while other festivals like Bluesfest and Spilt Milk have come under fire for their gender imbalances.

Many female artists are also demanding greater freedom and self-determinationfrom the traditionally male-dominated industry of music labels and promoters.

It’s in that climate of change that new n independent filmHer Sound, Her Story is set.

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore Her Sound, Her Storythat incorporates six decades of experience, various music genres and multiple cultural backgrounds.

OPEN DIALOGUE: Her Sound, Her Story comes to Newcastle on October 16.

The film features interviews with 45 artists includingMissy Higgins, Tina Arena, Kate Ceberano, ClareBowditch, Renee Geyer, Kasey Chambers, Vera Blue, Julia Stone, Katie Noonan, Mojo Juju, Ella Hooper and Clairy Browne.

Newcastle pop singer-songwriter Kira Puru and hip-hop producer Dawn Laird are also among the illustrious cast.

“Through these conversations I observed time and time again the exquisite quality thatevery woman possesses: that is their flawless capacity be beautiful, broken,graceful, courageous, vulnerable and messy all in the same breath,” Dalimore says.

“It’s abold and frightening time to be alive right now. I feel the stakes are high, and more thanever it’s crucial that women’s voices are heard and listened to.”

The nucleus of the film began in 2014 when Hunder finished a two-year photographic project documenting the n hip-hop scene. She came to the stark realisation that just 10 of the 182 artists she photographed were women.

From there Hunder and Dalimore became determined to amplify the stories of women in the music industry.

Her Sound, Her Voice screens at Newcastle’s Tower cinemas on October 16.

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