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17 Dec

Herald Fishing Report – King of Blacksmiths

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Brian Downie remains “incredibly stoked” after reelingin an estimated 24kgkingfish off Blacksmith Beach at 6am this week.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Brian Downie wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this 24kg kingfish hooked on Blacksmiths Beach.

“It was a very tidy fish,” Jason“One For” Nunn, from Fisherman’s Warehouse at Marks Point, said. “Only the second one of that size caught off Blackie that I’ve heard of.

“He was just chasing tailor, had a strip bait on. Got towelled up for 45 minutes. The first runs was 200m one way and then 200m the other. Said he was knocked up at the end. Had his grand daughter there. Had to put his heart puffer on afterwards.”

Kingfish are not uncommon along Blacksmith Beach.

“It just depends on where the food is,” Jason said.“This time of year you get schools of yellow tail out the back of the surf so maybe that was the case.

“The size of it though was totally unusual.”

Further south down around the Texas reef the kings are well and truely on.

Jason’s son Pat and a few mates had a field day down there last weekend, jigging up kings between 85cm and 95cm long.

“Everyone’s been catching them,” Jason said.

“Daniel Fitzgerald from Sandy Bottoms Charters had a charter down there too and they all got kings. One guy snapped his rod.

“If the weather holds up this weekend, it’s definitely a good option.”

Nature nurturesWe’ve had some interesting nature this week. Tuesday saw an impressive full moon, possibly the biggest of the lunar cycle, and it coincided with the spring equinox on September 23.

From here on in, daylight hours are officially longer than night.

It all impacts on fishing with some notably low tides running at the moment meaning there’s big movement of water which usually fires up the fish.

And come next weekend, we might see the first prawn run of the year.

Typically they get moving about 10 days after the September full moon and predators duely move in for a feed.

“The estuary is already fishing well, particularly flathead, with some up and over the metre being caught this week,” Jason said.

“There’s also been some nice jew and whiting about, and the odd tailor.”

Time lordsSchool holidays kick off this long weekend, but just a friendly reminder that Daylight Savings doesn’t. It swings into action on the first Sunday of October, which this year is October 7.

Itching to goSummer is approaching and Shelley Valvo is excited.

A keen angler since childhood, Shelleyhas anenthusiasm for fishing that is palpable.

She fishes, she worms, she pippis and in the last 12 months she inspires.

Notably her fiance Quinton Davis, who she has not only introduced to fishing but also got him obsessed.

“Fishing is a bit of a hobby,” said Shelley, who owns and operates Dark Horse Espresso coffeee shop in Wickham.

“I’ve taughtthe partner to fish over the last 12 months and we love heading over to Stocko, usually every Monday the way our work is.

“We get stacks of flathead, bream, whiting, lots of darts.

“I loveworming and we head up toSeal Rocks whenever we can.

“Dad taught me how on Newcastle South beach. He lived in the East End.

“Newie South’s not too bad for worms, but Seal Rocks is the bomb.”

Shelley says the key to good worming is rotten fish.

“The stinkier the better,” she said. “We have a secret spot at home where we bury our guts, and when we need it we dig it up and it always works.

”It brings up the worms and the pippis and even the crabs when it’s real bad.

“People look at me and wouldn’t necessarily think ‘fisherwoman’ but I’m right into it.”

Quinton is a shift worker and Shelley reckons that as soon as he started getting into fishing, he sold his car and bought a 4WD and camper trailer.

“He started out with this little pink fishing rod and now he’s graduated to Freddy’s Fishing World’s greatest customer,” Shelley laughed.

“He made a meme up for himself –‘All the gear and still no idea’.

“He loves it and so do I –camping up at Treachery and Seals. It’s great.”

Shelly has been runningDark Horse Espresso at Wickham for the last two year and interestingly she finds it’s a great base for fishing types.

“We get a lot of the guys from fish co-op across the road popping in for coffee, guys off the trawlers,” Shelley said. “They let me know what’s running. Customer are amazed, but that’s what I like about fishing – it is a community type of thing

“You can talk to anybody at the beach if you’re into fishing. If you’re not,it might be a littlecreepy and weird.”

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