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18 Sep

Hillary Clinton guest star on Murphy Brown

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Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made a cameo appearance on Murphy Brown.Hillary Clinton is the first big name cameo of Murphy Brown’s revival season.

Clinton appeared in the September 27 premiere of the Candice Bergen-led sitcom – but not as herself.

Instead, she was “Hilary,” a woman who said she is often mistaken for the former presidential candidate but actually spells her name with only one “L.”

She arrived at Murphy’s new cable news show, Murphy in the Morning, to interview for the “secretarial position.”

“Your reputation proceeds you, but I want you to know I’m not afraid of hard work, I’m qualified, and I’m ready on day one,” Clinton said to Murphy at the start of her interview.

Murphy went on to ask if she had any secretarial experience (“For four years I was the secretary … of a very large organisation,” she replied) and if she had experience with technology and teamwork.

“I do have some experience with emails,” she said. And on the topic of how many people it takes to run a production, she relied on another one of her campaign mottos: “Everyone works together, it takes a village.”

In the end, though, Murphy said although she was “very impressive,” she was “maybe a little over-qualified” and needed some time to think about the hire.

Clinton left Murphy with a business card that said her email address was “Hilary at you could have had me dot com.”

The original Murphy Brown, which ran on CBS for 10 seasons from 1988 to 1998, became known for a wide range of cameos.

Iconic figures in pop culture such as Aretha Franklin appeared, as did big names in the news media, such as Connie Chung, and politics – most notably Dan Quayle.

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