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17 Dec

Horoscopes: Week beginning October 14

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ARIES: Applications concerning a loan, refund, superannuation or in connection with an inheritance, will benefit under the stellar influences operating on October 15, 16. Discussions or arrangements around personal plans are a source of irritation during October 19-21. Work related objectives also run into problems.

TAURUS: Your activities will mostly include your partner during October 15, 16. Responsibilities and finances need to be discussed then, and some will be concerned over the health of a loved one. There’s likely to be conflict over income related matters or money during October 19-21, most probably with someone in authority such as a boss or official.

GEMINI: Your responsibilities are varied and interesting on October 15, 16, and you will accomplish many things at the office and at home. You may even find time to do as you please. Communications involving legal documents, education or travel are of considerable importance to you during Friday through Sunday, perhaps explaining why there’s a tendency to get hot under the collar.

CANCER: You will easily be able to tune into the younger set on October 15, 16, if that is your aim. Lovers will be able to air their differences without too many problems. You are likely to be keyed up over financial planning or ethical issues during Friday through Sunday. Hidden problems emerge and discussions become heated.

LEO: Fortunate developments in the home will form the focus of activity during October 15, 16. A move or reorganisation of the home is amongst some of the more pleasurable aspects of this time. Issues connected to your partner and his or her plans are at the forefront of your mind during Friday through Sunday. Matters needing to be handled tactfully.

VIRGO: There is much to be said and done on both business and personal matters during October 15, 16. You’ll enjoy the exchanges of conversation and the planning. Work related issues will increase the pressure on you during October 19-21. It is important to allow a degree of flexibility in schedules and discussions if you wish to avoid dramas.

LIBRA: Negotiations concerning money or possessions will prove to be fruitful on October 15, 16, although you’ll need to make a few concessions. Make sure agreements are in writing. Arrangements concerning children, recreational arrangements or travel could cause irritation during Friday through Sunday. It will be difficult to avoid disagreements.

SCORPIO: Scorpio will be involved with people they care about during October 15, 16, as it is necessary to discuss various problems that are, perhaps, confidential in nature. Domestic arrangements and responsibilities can be the source of contention during October 19-21. Someone will be quick to anger.

SAGITTARIUS: Secret negotiations that are conducted during October 15, 16 will bring your personal plans to success fairly quickly: even if this only means side-stepping trouble. It is important to be organised during October 19-21 as your time is at a premium. Annoyances are likely to crop up in your personal life, adding to the pressure of events.

CAPRICORN: During October 15, 16 you will be busied by work and social commitments, as your plans become reality. There are many details to be organised around legal, travel or academic issues. Details concerning your income or finances, perhaps with foreign connections or travel/legal arrangements, are uppermost on your mind during October 19-21.

AQUARIUS: You will be in your element as plans for your career and education fall nicely into place. You have been working on these for weeks and should feel pleased with yourself. Being in the aggressive frame of mind you are during Friday through Sunday, it will be difficult to sidestep any arguments. You won’t tolerate nonsense.

PISCES: There will be important discussions over joint financial matters during October 15, 16, most likely in connection with international or interstate travel plans or educational expenditure. There may be need for advice or mediation. Luck seems to have deserted you during Friday through Sunday. Family members and your partner tend to irritate you over the most trivial of things.

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