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17 Dec

Horoscopes: Week beginning September 30

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ARIES: September 28 to October 14 is an important time in Arian finances, as inappropriate spending or control can have undesired results. However, this can be a good time to jointly plan the expansion of your assets with your partner. You need to have your affairs in order before October 6, after which delays occur.

TAURUS: Taurean natives will feel the pressure of responsibility where a relationship or partnership is concerned. These pressures are heaviest during the first few weeks of October because time is a factor. October 6 is a crucial turning point, after which delays will occur until November 16. Unresolved issues will still be around at Christmas.

GEMINI: Responsibilities towards children and loved ones need to be placed before your own needs during the first few weeks of October. You can expect one such matter or something associated with work to take time to cultivate as delays between October 6 and November 16 appear inevitable. It’s important that these are managed properly so the festive season is unmarred.

CANCER: Late September and the first half of October can be a very romantic month for Cancerians, as love flourishes close to home. The pleasures of these moments are so intense that they linger on for months, ensuring the memories are as fresh and vibrant in a few months’ time as they are now. The coming few weeks are particularly intense.

LEO: September 28 to October 14 is an important time in Leo’s home life, with the humming of activity being evident of the happy times and conditions shared by family members. If you have a special domestic project on the agenda, you need to have it organised by October 6 if no delays are to be experienced. Things will move forward again after November 16.

VIRGO: The richness of life will be experienced through your daily contacts and in your neighbourhood during September 28 to October 14. Getting out and about on pleasurable, short trips will also hold its own rewards. If you are planning something special, you need to be organised before October 6, as delays are likely to occur after that time until November 16.

LIBRA: You are investing a great deal of personal effort and interest in assets and income during September 28 to October 14, as the outcome is important to you. If you don’t have your results by October 6, there will be delays that could extend into December. If such is the case, you can expect to be moving in forward direction again from November 16.

SCORPIO: Love flavours everything you do during September 28 to October 14, so there is a very special person in your life and on your mind. Whilst you may have self-doubts, don’t let this get in the way of a relationship. Deal with your insecurities but nurture the love. Be patient, as things are not likely to move as quickly as you would hope during October 6 to November 16.

SAGITTARIUS: September 28 to October 14 brings a number of problems with it, connected to goals, friendships, work, and health. There is no need to panic over these because you do have time to sort through the issues, as time will be on your side between October 6 and November 16. Those seeking the approval of friends may be disappointed.

CAPRICORN: Your social life will be more than satisfactory during the next few weeks, enabling you to bask in the warmth of friendship and shared interests. If you have a special goal, then there is a lot of work to be done before October 6, after which Capricornian objectives can do no better than move sideways until November 16.

AQUARIUS: September 28 to October 14 brings outstanding developments in your career or your position within society, as the way is smoothed for easy progress and groundwork has been balanced and well-laid. Luck plays an important role, but so does intelligence and application. If all is not in place by October 6, this situation will spin out to December.

PISCES: Pisceans are planning something special or striving towards a goal during the next few weeks. This could be in relation to an overseas trip, educational activities, or a legal matter. Anything not set in place by October 6 is unlikely to be so before November 16 as organisation and communications are delayed in that period. December should bring plans to fruition.

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