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17 Dec

Injured seal on Nobbys breakwall feared to be stranded

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ON THE ROCKS: A seal on the breakwater at Nobbys Head at midday on Thursday. Picture: PHOEBE MOLONEYAn injuredseal caught the attention of walkers at Nobbys breakwall duringlunchtime.

Scratches and open wounds were visible on the seal’s sideas it sunneditself on a boulder at the end of the breakwater walkway on Thursday, September 27.

John MacKenzie, Greens councillor at the City of Newcastle Council, said the creaturehad beenon the rocksfor at least three hours.

He first spied the seal while walking that morning.

“It seemed to me to be significantly injured,” he said.

INJURED: The seal on the rocks at Nobbys Head on Thursday. Picture: PHOEBE MOLONEY.

“On the left side of its back there was four to six inch long scratches and scrapes of skin missing, quite a big area of flesh had been ripped off.”

Cr MacKenzie said he had notified police and marine rescue services in case the seal was stranded.

“We want results. As far as I understand, if it’s leftit’s just shark bait.”

Cr MacKenzie said he frequently saw sealsfrom the walkway, but had notpreviously seen an injured one.

“I walk up there most days. If you keep a look out for them, you can see them most days,” he said.

CONCERN: Cr John MacKenzie said he was concerned the seal was stranded. Picture: PHOEBE MOLONEY.

Ken Jury, who stopped hisbicycle rideto watch the creature, said it was rare to see the mammals out of the water at Nobbys Head.

The Organisation for theRescueand Research of Cetaceans in (ORRCA) has been notifiedofthe whereabouts of the seal.

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