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18 Aug

Nobbys dawn service host Ken Fayle awarded RSL lifetime honour

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President of the City of Newcastle RSL sub branch Ken Fayle will receive a certificate of life membership at a special presentation on Monday, October 8.

LEGACY: President of the City of Newcastle RSL sub branch and Vietnam War veteran Ken Fayle will receive a top RSL honour next week. Picture: Marina Neil

A familiar face to those who attend the city’s Anzac and Remembrance Day services, Ken Fayle has been a continuous member of the branch for 39 years and hassat on its executive committee for 18.

Mr Fayle’s contribution to the RSL goes far deeper than his role hosting Newcastle’sdawn service, saidclose friend andsub branchvice-president StephenFinney.

“I am the one who nominated him simply because he deserves recognition for what he’s done and what he continues to do,” Mr Finney said.

“He’s thetype of person whorolls his sleeves up and gets into it.

“He’s not after the recognition but he deserves it.And he’s bloody gettingit.”

WELL ATTENDED: The Nobbys dawn service earlier this year. Picture: Simone De Peak

Mr Finney attributes the growth of the crowd at the Nobbys Anzac dawn servicefrom 1500 peopleto 55,000 people over two decadesto Mr Fayle’s work.

“It’s the quality of the servicehe organises. We have audiovisuals and live music: the army band andchoirs,” Mr Finney said.

“It’s a very professionally-run service and Ken’s responsible for that.”

Mr Fayle saidthe increase in the service’s attendance has beenone of his proudest achievements while serving the RSL,as well as being asked to become atrustee of the Newcastle Memorial Walk.

“It’san amazing piece of infrastructure. To say I had a weebit to do with that is just great,” he said.

Receiving alife membership isalso a matter of legacy, he said.

“Probably the proudest thing is that I am athird-generation life member.

“My grandfather was a light horseman and was made a life member at the Coogee Randwick sub branch.My father [Tom Fayle]received a life membership having a lot to do withrejuvenating the City of Newcastlesub-branch after the earthquake.

“I don’t know if there’s many third-generation life members out there.”

Mr Fayle credits the volunteer service of his wife Paulineas his inspiration for getting involved in the RSL.

“I realised how important being a volunteer was.

“If you take something out of the community,youput something back in.

“Whilst I could havedone a number of things I decided I would focuson the RSLand I’m glad I have.”

Mr Fayle hostedhis last Anzac dawn service earlier this year and plans to step back from his role as president in2021.

Mr Faylesaid he hopes to continue hiswork on the executive committee to provide supportto younger members.

“I’d hate to tell him to stop!” Mr Finney said.

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