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18 Jun

Short Takes October 1 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

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AFTER a council meeting on Tuesday, I had a bad fall.It was my own fault, I wasn’t watching my feet.The care and attention I was givenwas over and above anything you would expect, from the CEO down.As a senior citizen, you tend to hit the floor hard.I was driven home by councillor Robbo(I don’t know his full name), and my car was put into storageand delivered to my door the next day.I was even given a hug from our Lord Mayor.I don’t always agree with council decisions, but the kindness made me feel very proud to be called a Novocastrian.Thank you.
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Joyce Foster,WickhamI AM sure the surviving businesses in Hunter Street were looking forward to a boost to sales now the work is finished (‘Light rail construction comes to an end as streets set to reopen’, Herald 28/9).However, having walked the length of Hunter Street recently, it looks like there is going to be no street parking at all. Indeed, even stopping looks to be a no-no. Well done, council.

David Buchan,Speers PointLIGHT rail does not explain bumping the nation’s most n place off global Sydney’s train network. Nor losing the great advantage of trains to the NSW coast. Cut and cover, and/or a “futuristic” single-stanchion corridor, to ideal Newcastle Station, would have got trains out of the way. Revitalisation means frequent 90 minute services putting Sydney on our doorstep, that’s something to celebrate.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkANYtruth in the rumour doing the rounds thatAndrew Bolt was interested in taking up the top job as chairman of the ABC? Not a good idea in my view.He is a constant critic of the ABC and would like to have it dismantled to his requirements. Imagine! Bolt and Tony Abbott planning the next revolt of the Liberal Party before the next general election.Too horrible to imagine. MrAbbott has already done much damage to the Liberal Partysince he was dumped.

Richard Ryan,Summerland PointWOULD Dick Smith stop moaning about Aldi (‘Aldi labelled ‘unbeatable’ as Dick Smith closes grocery food line’, SMH 26/7)? They are not the only company that send profit out of the country. I believe Dick is blaming them for his failure because he didn’t market his own product properly. That’s his fault, not Aldi’s. In my opinion, if he had given his product a decent name and got the price right he might have succeeded.

Barry Spaulding,CardiffWHEN is the NRL going to movethe grand final back to Sunday afternoon? I really miss the days of having family and a few mates around for a BBQ, and everyone I speak to feels the same. The Victorians have nailed the whole weekend and it’s about time the NRL realised it.

Neil Meyers,Warners BayTHE POLLSIS 2AM too late for pizza?Yes 27%, No 74%

COULD you live without internet, computers and phones for a whole month?Yes 56%, No 44%

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