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17 Dec

Short Takes September 28 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

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IF YOU’RE going to move to an area with a coal loader you are going to accept that there will be noise and a bit of dust (‘Residents slam state for ‘caving in’ to coal’, Newcastle Herald 27/9). The coal loader has been there for generations. If people don’t like it, they can always find somewhere else to live.

Peter C Jones,RathminesI RECKON the NRL is now officially a joke (‘Slater in the clear for grand final swansong’, Herald 26/9). I wonder if the judiciary members can explain to James Ackerman’s family why Slater’s “tackle” was not a shoulder charge.

Don Agland,New LambtonKEN Godwin (Short Takes 26/9):the magic word here is reusable. Honestly, how hard is it to just do your bit for the planet? One bag, multiple shopping trips, makes sense to anyone with some common sense. Maybe Ken, the shopping bags you see leaving the store were also brought to the store by a shopper with half a conscience.

Dan Kirkpatrick,KaruahTHE fact that the chairman of the ABC was allegedly put underpressure to sack reporter, Emma Albericijust goes to showhow much the Coalition government dislikes the broadcaster.Ms Alberici apparently asked all the wrong questions. It looks to me that she wants the truth and they do not like the truth, because the truth hurts them.

Darryl Tuckwell,EleebanaNATALIE Williams’ lifestyle (Letters 15/9) reminds me of when l too could exercise as she does, probably more, but as she will realise eventually the body wears out and convenient public transport is a blessing, especially ones that take a direct route rather than a lengthy scenic drive, as you mentioned.However, l am still not convinced that two indirect journeys are better than one direct route, especially for those whose lifestyle demands a tight schedule on travelling time between events.

Carl Stevenson,Dora CreekTHECatholic Church’s rules regarding priestly celibacy and the seal of the confessional are medieval traditions and not God-given biblical injunctions (‘Breaking the vow’, Herald 22/9).Much of the scandal and cover-up surrounding priestly sexual misbehaviour, and the Church’s protection of paedophiles could be removed if these two rules were removed. The Church’s standing as a moral guardian in society would also improve, as would their attendances and finances.

Geoff Black,Caves BeachI THOUGHT it was a bit rich when Julie Bishop complained about the frequent leadership changes damaging our image as a country. She must have forgotten that she was a lead player in the plot to get rid of Tony Abbott and then was humiliated herself when she ran in the latest leadership fiasco. Her statements sound like sour grapes to me.

Sandy Buchanan,LargsTHE POLLSSHOULD Jair be brought off the bench against the Wanderers?

Yes 93%, No 7%

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