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17 Dec

The Cooks Hill Surf Club boys in 1960

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Surf’s Up: Cooks Hill Surf Club boys line up with their boards at Bar Beach in 1960. Ray Robinson is seventh from left. See the little blond dude, seventh from left, with the white surfboard?

That’s Ray Robinson. He’s 15 in this photo, which was taken in 1960.

Topics wrote this week aboutCooks Hill SurfClub’s searchfor memorabilia to mark thecentenary of Hunter Surf Life Saving.

This 100-year milestonewill be celebrated on Saturday with aflag-raising ceremony at Nobbys Beach.

Ray sent us this photo, pointing out himself and several other blokes who are still around town.

“Three to the right of meis Luke Egan’s dad, Sam Egan [with right leg bent and a board labelled CH1],” he said.

Samis a renowned Newcastle-based surfboard shaper and Luke surfed professionally on the world tour.

Ray has the original photo, but wasn’t too sure who took the picture.

Topics: “Where’d you get it?”

Ray [laughing]:“I dunno, I’m 73 for Christ’s sake. That was 60 years ago. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast”.

As you can see from the photo, boards back then were hard to carry around. Many of the youngblokes in the picture didn’thave cars andlived in the suburbs.

So it made sense that quite a few wanted to join the surf clubso they could leave their boards in the clubhouse. As well as wanting to help with patrols, of course.

“The smallest surfboard is probably 8 foot six inches [2.6 metres]. These were balsa–the real longboards,” Ray said.

At the time, Ray lived in Cooks Hill.

“It wasn’t like it is today. You wouldn’t tell anyone you lived at Cooks Hill. It’s like Paddington in Sydney. A hundred years ago it was ratshit. Now it’s an upmarket suburb.

“Merewether wasn’t all that wonderful, either.It had a lot of older cottages.”

You can probably tell from Ray’s remarks that he knows a bit about property.

He founded Robinson Property, which has offices in Newcastle and Nelson Bay.He’s retired now. His three sons run the business. Turns out Ray is building a house in Parkway Avenue, right opposite Bar Beach.He’s a regular swimmer at the beach of his youth, so he thought he’d build a house close by.

Once it’s built, he’ll be able to see surfers from hisbalcony.But the main reason he bought the property was so he could“walk across the road to the beach in my budgie smugglers without looking like a flasher”.

“I look very nice in them, too, but no one seems to agree with me,” he said.

Trash or Treasure Lucas Callaghan will host Road to Riches.

A new TV series calledRoadto Riches is in the works.The show,hosted by Lucas Callaghan of Aussie Pickers, islooking to film in Newcastle and the Hunter.

The show’s producersare searching for folks with vintage treasures and a story to tell. Lucas will do his darndest to make a tidy profitfor the owners.The show beginsfilming in mid-October. Contact [email protected]

[email protected]苏州楼凤.au

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